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Ostenil Plus is equivalent to Synvisc-One to reduce pain in knee osteoarthritis

We are very glad to announce that the study by Prof. Maheu and colleagues comparing the efficacy of a single injection of Ostenil Plus with a single injection of Synvisc-One (OSTP-EUR-10-01) has been published in PLoS One in December.


A singleintra-articularinjectionof2.0%non-chemically modified sodium hyaluronate vs 0.8% hylanG-F20 in the treatment of symptomatic knee osteoarthritis: A 6-month, multicenter, randomized, controlled non-inferiority trial

Summary of the study

This randomized, double-blind study compared Ostenil Plus to Synvisc-One in patients with knee osteoarthritis Kellgren-Lawrence grade Ib-III. The primary objective of this study was met and  demonstrated that Ostenil Plus is non-inferior to Synvisc-One in terms of reduction of pain (WOMAC A score) 6 months after the injection. In addition, Ostenil Plus led to a reduction of pain of almost 60% at Month 6. No statistically significant difference was observed between Ostenil Plus and Synvisc-One in any of the reported secondary endpoints (stiffness, physical function, Lequesne index, evaluation of treatment efficacy, rate of OMERACT-OARSI responders) or at any of the timepoints. Both treatments were well tolerated.
Key messages

  • A single injection of Ostenil Plus is sufficient to be as efficacious as Synvisc-One,.

  • For the first time, Ostenil Plus, a linear hyaluronic acid, was demonstrated to be as efficacious as a cross-linked viscosupplement (Synvisc-One) 6 months after the injection. Cross-linking therefore does not appear to bring an additional benefit in terms of effect duration compared to the use of Ostenil Plus.

  • Ostenil Plus was as fast as Synvisc-One to provide pain relief in patients.